Lita Ford’s 8 Year Old Son Begins Boxing Career

Lita Ford’s 8 Year Old Son Begins Boxing Career

February 8, 2010

Rocco Gillette, the eight year old son of guitar legend Lita Ford and her husband Jim Gillette (formerly of Nitro), appeared in his first amateur boxing match. Weighing in at 93 pounds, Rocco destroyed his opponent on route to a first round technical knock out.

Boxing isn’t the only thing in Rocco’s blood, as Jim revealed in an interview with Sleaze Roxx ( that “Rocco is starting to sing and play drums”.

When asked if the entire family would play together Jim replied, “Actually we did a song when James was seven or eight years old, we recorded a song called Destruction and it came out great. Lita and James wrote it and we recorded it at the house. It came up great. We are going to start recording an album with them on it pretty soon. We’re on the ten year plan. We figure within ten years they will be kicking mom and dad off the stage and they’ll take over. Let’s just run the show from behind.”

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