Little Angels Guitarist Resurfaces In Colour Of Noise

Little Angels Guitarist Resurfaces In Colour Of Noise

March 3, 2015

Little Angels guitarist Bruce John Dickinson has resurfaced in Colour Of Noise, a classic rock band from Brighton, England, that are steeped in the tradition of the late ’60s British blues boom and early ’70s stadium rock.

The group are currently at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales, with Nick Brine (Thunder, Oasis, The Darkness) at the recording desk, and are very excited to be making a start on what will become the debut Colour Of Noise album. Mark Richardson (Skunk Anansie, Little Angels, b.l.o.w.) is also there, filming the band for a mini documentary.

Joining Dickinson in Colour Of Noise are Furyon singer Matt Mitchell, drummer Randy Nixon (Magic Bullet Band, Jeevas, Straw), guitarist Dan Electro and bassist ‘Silent’ Ben Daniel.

“The songs we write deal with issues of permanence, holding onto what is great in our lives (people and music), coming to terms with change (broken dreams, relationships), trying to retain a sense of yourself in a mad world, and escapism through rock n roll,” sates the band. “The Noise we make is mostly powered by vintage equipment. Not because we’re that stuck on a principle, it just sounds better to our ears. So does recording in the old way.People have asked us questions about our new band. We are writing and demoing for an album to be released in 2015.”

On March 16th the band will make a free download available at their website —

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