Little Caesar Announce The Addition Of New Guitarist

Little Caesar Announce The Addition Of New Guitarist

January 16, 2014

Little Caesar are set to invade the UK this April, but they will be doing so without guitarist Joey Brasler.

“Due to conflicts and complications in our upcoming tour schedule, Joey Brasler will no longer be a member of Little Caesar,” said frontman Ron Young. “We will be eternally grateful for his contributions over the last four years in creating great music. Replacing Joey Brasler will be Joey Malone who has made music with the likes of Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp, etc. The four other original members are excited about him joining our family for our upcoming UK and Europe tours as well as future recordings.”

Brasler appeared on Little Caesar’s two comeback albums, 2009’s ‘Redemption’ and 2012’s ‘American Dream’. Both albums are available for purchase at

“Between Apache, Earl Slick, Chris Latham, Joey Brasler… we have been truly blessed to have such great players and people in the family over the years,” continued Young. “We look forward to Joey Malone’s contributions and synergy for a long time to come. Band chemistry is a very mysterious thing. I have seen “supergroups” that suck… because they don’t play like a unit… just a collection of legends. We have always been about being a unit on stage and off. We have been a family for almost 30 years… that comes out in the music. Being close to Joey Malone in other musical endeavors creates a bond that’s very important… the other guys felt it when he came down to play with Little Ceasar. Getting along and caring for each other takes all the BS out of the way when it’s time to be creative.”

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