Little Caesar singer Ron Young states Las Vegas has every bad thing in the human element possible

Little Caesar singer Ron Young states Las Vegas has every bad thing in the human element possible

Little Caesar frontman Ron Young was recently interviewed by Music Life Magazine and spoke about the band’s new album Eight, which has a song called “Vegas.”

Young stated in that regard: “It’s sort of my personal observation of the selfie stick generation – the Kardashianization of our culture here in America, where you have these people who think they’re hunters, but they are really grazers. And they are delusional in their thinking that they are going to find fame and glamour and success just by overexposing themselves. In this piece of music, one individual realized that they want to be hunters, but they can’t make it in L.A. or Hollywood, one for aesthetic reasons and the other for lack of intelligence.

Vegas is the perfect town for them to wind up in because it’s the only city that’s even more plastic than L.A. I know this isn’t going to win us many fans there, but I got stuck there for six months building a venue and I was ready to put a bullet in my head. Hollywood is a city based on creating illusions of things that don’t exist. But Vegas has taken that and turned it into a combination of Disneyland and a whorehouse. It’s every bad thing in the human element that’s possible: consumerism, excess, greed, illusions, everything. And it’s wrapped up in one city and it’s elevated and propagated and keeps growing and sustaining itself.”

In terms of Little Caesar‘s rotating cast of guitarists until Mark Tremalgia joined the band in 2017, Young opined: “We were having a problem keeping a regular guitar player. It’s really plagued us since the first record. I think Mark is now the seventh guitar player we’ve had in this band and the fourth in the last 10 years. I just told Loren and Tom that I don’t want to make a record until we get that fifth guy. It has to be a guy who is locked in and is the right guy personality wise. So, we decided to put out a double live record in 2015 [Brutally Honest Live from Holland] because we had it in the can and I just held off on new material until we had the right fit… And then when we got Mark Tremalgia in the band he just fit like a glove, musically and personally – everything about it was awesome. And now we’re back to being a band. To me, there’s something special about five guys in a band slogging it out together. It’s like a motorcycle club, there’s something about it where everybody is contributing, and everybody’s creativity is take in. Once that all fell into place, I knew it was the time for a new album.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Ron Young at Music Life Magazine.