Little Villains unveil video for single “Bullet Belt” from album ‘Achtung Minen!’

Little Villains unveil video for single “Bullet Belt” from album ‘Achtung Minen!’

Little Villains consisting of lead vocalist / bassist James Childs, guitarist Owen Childs and drummer Chris Fielden have released a video for their new single “Bullet Belt” from their album Achtung Minen!, which will be available tomorrow (on November 27, 2020).

Track List for Achtung Minen!:
01. There Ain’t No Cider On The Rider
02. Doodlebug
03. Hand Grenade
04. Napalm Rising
05. Jitter Juice
06. Feelin’ Alrite
07. Bombardier
08. Bullet Belt
09. Hawker Hurricane
10. Big Ben
11. Motherhead
12. Chopper
13. Shot In The Head And Left For Dead
14. Achtung Minen
15. On the Fields of Cleckhuddersfax

The group’s “Biography” on its Facebook page indicates (with slight edits):

“After meeting in a goods return line at Fry’s Electronics in LA in 2005, Philthy Animal Taylor and James Alexander Childs formed Little Villains. Owen Street completed the line-up, playing bass at early recording sessions.

The group worked on many recordings at Phil‘s place, James‘ studio and Unit A studio in Palm Springs. James and Phil worked on and off on their recordings up until 2010. They’d discussed recording more, but Phil became ill and returned to England where he had more of a personal support system.

Little Villains’ first album, Philthy Lies, was released on Heavy Psyche Sounds Records in 2019 with the blessing of Phil’s family. Chris Fielden joined the band, playing drums on tour. Owen Childs, James’s nephew, also joined, playing guitar.

The second album, Taylor Made, was released on Cleopatra Records in 2020. Alan Davey of Hawkwind played bass on the album.

These first two albums feature Phil’s unmistakable drumming style. The music has been acclaimed in the press and well received by fans interested in Phil’s work outside of Motörhead.

Little Villains recorded two more albums – Achtung Minen and The Battle of Britain – in LA during January and February 2020, with James Childs on bass / vocals, Owen Childs on guitar / backing vocals and Chris Fielden on drums / backing vocals.”

Little Villains‘ “Bullet Belt” video: