Liv Sin start GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for upcoming tour throughout Europe with Deathstars

Liv Sin start GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for upcoming tour throughout Europe with Deathstars

Liv Sin consisting of Sister Sin lead vocalist Liv Jagrell, guitarists Krille Kellerman and Jay Matharu, bassist Daniel Skoglund and drummer Per Bjelovuk have started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for their upcoming tour supporting Deathstars throughout Europe from November 2nd to December 16th, 2023. As of press time for this article, Liv Sin had raised kr2,552 SEK of their kr100,000 goal.

Liv Sin‘s GoFundMe campaign states in part:

“We are LiV SiN a metal band from Sweden, formed in 2016 by Sister Sin front woman Liv Jagrell. The band is a melting pot of influences from both the old and new school creating a unique brand of metal music. In January earlier this year we released our 3rd album Kaliyuga which has received rave reviews from both critics and fans alike…

Recently we were presented with the opportunity to accompany goth industrial metal legends DEATHSTARS on their European tour this coming Autumn. For us in LiV SiN this is a massive chance we can’t decline, a golden ticket to meet and play for people all over Europe, and to finally meet fans that have never had the experience to see us play live yet.

Since the end of the pandemic it has been an upward struggle trying to get the ball rolling again with shows and other events. We know that everyone working in the music industry has been affected by the pandemic, for us, who are a kind of “DIY band” it has resulted in over 2 years without any concerts, which in turn has left us in deep water without any income or investment into our band business. Two years without income unfortunately means that taking out bank loans on the band etc. is not an option. This has led to one of our band members remortgaging their house to help bare some of the cost. We need to make sure that this money gets repaid as soon as possible as well as covering the other outlying fees for this tour.

That is why we are now in the situation where we must appeal to you our fans and friends for financial aid to help us get back on our feet and make this tour possible!

To give you all a clear understanding as to why we have to do this fundraiser and to be as transparent as possible presented below are the costs this tour will incur for us as the opening act:

As it stands now the tour will cost us approximately 30 000 euros to carry out. This sum of money needs (with the lended money) to be paid in advance and will cover our share of the tour bus, visas, additional travelling costs, and merchandise.

*This doesn’t include breakables such as strings, drumsticks, drum skins or stage props etc..

The tour is from Nov 2nd until Dec 16th, 2023.

If YOU or anyone you know can contribute with anything, anything at all! We will be extremely grateful, even the smallest amount will help us make this happen.

We can’t wait to get out and do this!

Thank You

Liv, Per, Danne, Jay & Krille


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Liv Sin‘s GoFundMe Presentation video:

Liv Sin‘s “D.E.R” lyric visualizer video feat. Zak Tell, Madeleine Liljestam and Wenderson D Paula (from KaliYuga album):