Liv Sin’s follow up album to ‘Follow Me’ will have more modern sounds with synthesizers

Liv Sin’s follow up album to ‘Follow Me’ will have more modern sounds with synthesizers

Liv Sin have entered the recording studio to work on their follow up album to Follow Me, which will surprisingly incorporate more modern sounds with synthesizers.

Head First Entertainment‘s press release states (with slight edits):

“Swedish heavy metal band Liv Sin, featuring ex-Sister Sin singer Liv Jagrell, has entered the studio to record the successor to their 2017 debut album ‘Follow Me.’ For the upcoming second album the Swedish quintet has chosen to record with producer Emil Nödtveidt of Deathstars in Black Syndicate Studios.

On why the band came to choose Emil Nödtveidt as producer, singer Liv Jagrell says: ”We wanted to explore a more modern sound with some synthesizers  and I think that this album might surprise a lot of our fans. I have known Emil since many years back, so it was really fun to reconnect. The first moment he sent us his ideas of our demos, I was delirious!”

The band recorded their debut ‘Follow Me‘ with Stefan Kaufmann (previously of Accept & U.D.O.) and had guest performances from Jyrki 69 (69 Eyes) and Schmier (Destruction). The sound had a classic metal vibe with Liv‘s aggressively piercing yet melodic signature vocals.

Guitarist Chris Bertzell explains how the songwriting process differed from their debut: ”For the first album, Liv Sin was only Patrick, Liv and Per. Now we have spent two years together as a complete band of five on the road and in the studio. Along with more songwriters the band has evolved into having a lot more attitude and catchy melodies.””

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Follow Me: “Liv Sin‘s Follow Me is the surprise album of the year for me. I was not expecting myself to like it that much based on the first three songs that had been released in advance of the record but as it turns out, the best tracks and the ones that are the closest to what Sister Sin might have come up with are buried deep in the album. But then again, I should have known better. When you have such a great and distinctive voice like Liv Jagrell has, odds are just about anything you touch will sound pretty damn good. While I always considered Sister Sin as more of a sleaze rock type band (starting with Switchblade Serenades) that turned into more of a heavy metal band, there is no doubt that Liv Sin is heavy metal with some touches of modern metal at its finest.”