Live Tongue Gearing Up To Release ‘Snake Eyes’


November 27, 2009

Live Tongue Gearing Up To Release Snake EyesSuncity Records ( will be releasing Live Tongue’s second unreleased album that will be titled “Live Tongue – Snake Eyes”. Click on this link to hear what the band have to offer, the first single off “Snake Eyes” called “Drowning Rivers”.

From the ashes of killer glam group Pretty Please, Live Tongue formed in the early 90’s. Hailing from Texas, Live Tongue caught the eyes of the public, the world press and the music community in South Texas when they signed to independent label Perris Records.

The band released their first self-titled debut album in 1995 with rave reviews. Some scribes calling it one of the best produced and energetic independent hard rock CD’s to emerge in recent decades. The roaring, melodic leads of Chris Johnson and Meatt, the blusesy sound of bassist Joey Monosmith, the thundering, powerful drums of Larry Jentz combined with the dymanic voice and individualistic style of singer Chase Jentz all serve to punctuate electro-acoustic music of Live Tongue.

As frontman for Live Tongue, Chase has an energetic and friendly persona that enables him to keep the audience on their feet throughout a live show. Along with his singing, he is an accomplished composer and musician. His original music has been played by local radio stations KISS, KZEP and Z-Rock since he was thirteen. His musical versatility, with roots in both jazz and rock, led him all the way to the L.A. circuit, including an appearance at Gizzari’s in Hollywood by the time he was only fifteen.

Chase and lead guitarist Meatt handle most of the burden of the recording sessions, spending many hours in the band’s private studio writing, engineering and directing the finished product. This really goes to show when the listening to the amazing production on both of the bands albums. Meatt, born into an accomplished musical family, brings many resources and talents to the band.

Chris Johnson, the other lead guitarist, is a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. He began playing guitar when he was nine. His upbringing in classical music shows in his unique writing and melodic soloing.

Joey Monosmith, bassist, carries much more than the rhythm line for the band, he is the band’s own manager and is a major reason why the band are such a tight unit.

Last but not least, Larry Jentz is one of those rare drummers who can make direct contact with the audience. He is fun to watch. He is “Mister Showmanship” with a flair for dramatic and visual effectiveness that reaches any and all audiences.

The greatest thing about Live Tongue lies in the multi-talents that each member brings to the table. They all write, they all sing, they all are focused on just doing one thing – making well-produced music that plain rips! It is more than a passion, it is the drivin’ force behind this wonderful group. Their diverse, colourful backgrounds are blended together into the original flavour and signature style of Live Tongue. Following trends is not the path Live Tongue have ever chosen. Their music is straight ahead, in your face, rock ‘n’ roll; music that has withstood the test of time and is heavily supported by millions of loyal fans throughout the world. They are a powerful live band that captivate their audience with realism and confidence.

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