Livesay release new EP ‘Scars’

Livesay release new EP ‘Scars’

Livesay consisting of Gregg Livesay on guitars, Mike Gill on lead vocals, Mark Zito on keyboards, Rich Andrews on bass and Tim Huntington on drums have just released a new EP titled Scars. You can purchase Scars directly from Livesay‘s website.

Track List for Scars EP:
01. Crusher
02. Walk Away
03. God of The Arena
04. Scars

Livesay‘s discography consists of Livesay (1996), Darkest Hour (2000), Awaken The Giant (2010), Frozen Hell (2016) and the compilation album Chronicles (2018). In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in September 2018, Gregg Livesay explained the sometimes long gap between the band’s album releases. The guitarist stated:

“Yes there have been gaps. This band with the exception of the last (‘Frozen Hell’) fully financed the first three cds. They were expensive to make mainly because we wanted to release a quality CD with studio recording and the best packaging we could afford. We did them as we could afford to pay for them and that’s pretty much the way it went. We played out constantly to support them as well which is good but can also become a distraction from recording the next CD. We are guilty of that but we do love to play live. Nobody was helping us so we really did the best we could. During the making of our third album ‘Awaken The Giant’, we had to fire our singer mid-recording because he just couldn’t hack it in the studio. This caused a major delay and that album sat for at least a year until we finally found someone to sing on the record for us. Finding a good singer who could handle our material vocally was very difficult. Regrets? Yes… I wish we had met our new singer Mike Gill years ago. For Livesay, it’s always been about singers but Mike is a God send.”

Livesay‘s “Walk Away” video: