Livesay release video for new song “International Man”

Livesay release video for new song “International Man”

Livesay featuring band founder and guitarist Gregg Livesay and new singer Mike Gill, have released a video for their new song “International Man” from their compilation album Chronicles, which was released via RFL Records on September 14, 2018.

Sleaze Roxx interviewed Gregg Livesay back in September 2018 and asked him about the new track “International Man” to which he stated:

“We were in our hotel room rehearsing our set when I just blurted out I wanted to write this song. I have a friend who I’ve known for the better part of 34 years. He’s a great guy, great musician and a real character with fantastic stories from the road. He and his band were also playing the same festival as us and we were hanging out pretty much the whole weekend. From his stories of different shows over the years, fly outs, etc, it just hit me to write a song about it. I told my guys that I was going to write something called “International Man” and we all cracked up but it was perfect. It basically describes a musician living the “rock and roll life” so to speak and all the perks that go with that. When we got back home from the festival, I went right to work on it and finished it in about three days.”

In terms of how Livesay found new singer Mike Gill, Gregg Livesay advised: “We started looking immediately for a singer and John Kivel sent me a demo. I didn’t know Mike and I had never heard him before. He was doing a Zeppelin medley and I was just blown away. I called him, set up an audition and that was it. I knew after the first song he was the guy for the job. We all knew it and offered him the spot which he took.”

Livesay‘s “International Man” video:


Taken from the Release “CHRONICLES” now available on RFL Records: on January 18th, 2019Subscribe To The RFL…