Living Colour Back With Fifth Studio Album


July 8, 2009

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach has revealed that his upcoming Blu-Ray DVD is “moving along at full speed”.

Sebastian stated, “I am so stoked to say that production on the brand new Sebastian Bach Blu-Ray / DVD is moving along at FULL SPEED!

Had a great conversation yesterday with the production company that is making the Blu-Ray and we brainstormed for an hour or more about ways to utilize this awesome format. Not only will there be two complete programs in the release, plus bonuses, we are also going to include files / posters / memorabilia, etc that can only be accessed on the Blu-Ray format. The release will come out on DVD as well, but if you are into high quality sound, picture, and ‘accessable only by Blu-Ray’ features, the Blu-Ray is what you want!

Sebastian Bach Blu-Ray DVD Is Moving Along At Full Speed

We are attacking this project right now. The main content, title, packaging / cover concept have all been finalized. We are now working on bells and whistles with the Blu-Ray technology, that is alot of fun for me as an artist to explore… and should be killer for you to crank up in your living room! I will make sure of it!!!

Details will be coming your way quick! Stay tuned …….”

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