Living Colour Start ‘The Chair In The Doorway’ Photo Contest


December 2, 2008

Living Colour are compiling new material for their new album entitled “The Chair in the Doorway”. The band would like fans, non-fans, and photographers to participate in this process by sumbitting original images conveying their interpretation of “The Chair in the Doorway”

The image could become artwork for the next Living Colour album!

Please join the Flickr group:

Vernon: “I did a press junket for Collideoscope with Corey and whenever something was going wrong Corey would always say “the chairin the doorway”. It was just one of these things he would say and I looked at him and said ‘you know that thing you always say, that’s going to be the title of our next album.’ I don’t know what that means but that’s it. What I like about “The Chair In The Doorway” is that it is a concrete image and a very real thing but…Why is there a chair in the doorway? What does it mean? It’s completely abstract, while being a contract, a physical manifestation of what it is.” is

Proof of ownership will be required prior to finalizing agreements with Living Colour.

Finalists will be appropriately notified.

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