Lizzy Borden Performs Christmas Classic “Silent Night”

Lizzy Borden Performs Christmas Classic “Silent Night”

December 16, 2012

Lizzy Borden has released their version of the Christmas classic “Silent Night”, now available for streaming on their Youtube page.

Lizzy Borden — consisting of Lizzy Borden, Joey Scott, Marten Andersson, and Dario Lorina — will be celebrating thirty years of American Metal in 2013 with a brand new show, created from the ground up just for the monumental 30 year anniversary. The new show will encompass songs from each and every Lizzy Borden record to date, including classic songs like “Me Against The World”, “American Metal”, “Master Of Disguise”, plus songs the band has never performed live.

In a career spanning 29 years, Lizzy Borden was created in 1983 in Hollywood California. Spitting venom, stage blood and dripping grease paint while breathing life into bizarre characters bred precisely for the stage. Theme oriented creations such as ‘Love You To Pieces’ (1985), ‘Menace To Society’ (1986), ‘Visual Lies’ (1987), ‘Master Of Disguise’ (1989), ‘Best Of’ (1994), ‘Deal With The Devil’ (2000), and ‘Appointment With Death’ (2008) forever cemented icon status to the master showman from the dawn of heavy metal.

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