Lizzy Borden Selects Dario Lorina As New Guitarist


May 27, 2009

Lizzy Borden has announced that former Jani Lane guitarist Dario Lorina is the newest band member.

Lizzy states, “Dario Lorina is a 19-year-old guitarist who has been making waves in the music industry. At age 16, he was recognized for his passion and what some may call exceptional talent, and began touring with multi-platinum songwriter and Warrant front man, Jani Lane. During that time Dario strongly created a reputation and name for himself as a player and gained the respect of many, thus giving him the opportunity to play with various notable artists. Dario has been touring consistently throughout the USA and Europe since 2006.

Lizzy Borden Selects Dario Lorina As New Guitarist

Dario has played 3 shows with us so far, Germany, Holland and Hollywood CA and was magnificent at them all. He fits in so perfectly with us; I just know all the Lizzy Borden fans around the world are going to be blown away when they see him play.”

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