Lizzy Borden to release new single in May and new studio album in August

Lizzy Borden to release new single in May and new studio album in August

Lizzy Borden‘s frontman of the same name was recently interviewed by former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin for The Metal Voice at NAMM about a week ago.

Borden was asked about the new Lizzy Borden studio album to which he replied (as transcribed by The Metal Voice): “Well what happened was we’ve been on tour, on this perpetual tour for the last ten years and there was no reason to release a record. Finally we were in Russia and I said that’s it, I’m calling it and I decided it was time to make a new record and Metal Blade offered a great deal. All my thoughts and everything I put into making this new record which comes out this year. First single should be out in May, album should be out in August. I just entered the studio.”

In terms of the musical direction of the new album, Borden stated: “I can tell you what it is like, I went back to thinking about individual songs, I make theme albums, conceptual albums and they kind of work together. I’m more interested in each song standing up on it’s own and not having to do deal with the concept. So I individualized the songs as if they were singles but within the theme of the album. There are tons of vocals probably more vocals then I have ever done.”

You can hear and watch the interview by The Metal Voice with Lizzy Borden below:

Lizzy Borden interview ‘New Single May, New album Aug 2017’- The NAMM show-with Neil Turbin

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