Lizzy Borden waited 11 years for music industry to change before release of latest studio album

Lizzy Borden waited 11 years for music industry to change before release of latest studio album

Lizzy Borden was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay of Canada’s The Metal Voice in support of his upcoming studio album My Midnight Things, which will be released via Metal Blade Records on June 15, 2018.

In terms of why Lizzy Borden took 11 years to release a new studio album, the singer stated: “I had to wait for the music industry to change. When I released the last two albums, they got released and they didn’t really find the target audience because there was no marketing no nothing so it didn’t make any sense to keep trying to record albums and try to find the audience, I wanted the audience to find my album but it wasn’t happening cause there was no structure because of the collapse of the music industry. The music industry has been crawling back to life and Metal Blade had figured out a way to use social media to be successful. Metal Blade is more successful now then they have ever been and Brian Slagel talked me into making records again. So I signed a three album deal, there will be two more album if not more.”

With respect to the direction of Lizzy Borden‘s upcoming new studio album My Midnight Things, the shock rocker advised: “Every album has been different and I go out of my way to do that, this album is no exception. All my albums are theme albums and on this album’s theme I wanted to talk about love but I wanted to dig down deep and  find anything that hasn’t been done yet to death. I found a lot of cool ideas  like the song ‘Long May They Haunt Us’. That is about the people that are no longer in your lives but you think about them everyday, they are haunting you but you don’t want that haunt to go away. Also a song like ‘Obsessed With You’ that obviously a whole different kind of love. All the songs on the album kind of fit together under the umbrella of Love but there is also a multi-layered  individually lyrical component to each song. Musically I went out to write good songs and I didn’t want to showcase musicians, I just wanted to write good songs and that was my whole goal on this album.”

When asked if Lizzy Borden is a band or a solo artist, the singer opined: “We never were never a band, every album I had a different line-up. I have always done everything, it’s never been a democracy. Sometimes I market the band as a band because I think I have a line-up that I think is going to work but it usually doesn’t so then I go back to marketing myself as a solo artist. In reality I have always been a solo artist.”

Lizzy Borden‘s “Long May They Haunt Us” video:

Lizzy Borden – Long May They Haunt Us (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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