London To Headline Classic Metal Show’s 13th Anniversary


October 19, 2008

On the 10/18/08 edition of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, it was announced that Nadir D’Priest’s LONDON will play their first live show east of the Mississippi as part of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW’s 13th Anniversary Concert on Saturday, January 17th. The Concert will take place at the HiFi Concert Club, located at 11729 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, OH. Also on the bill is the Billy Morris Band, featuring guitarist Billy Morris of Warrant and Quiet Riot fame.

LONDON was a legendary Los Angeles “Sunset Strip” band that acted as a breeding ground for musicians that went on to form the biggest bands of the 80s. Alumni of the band include Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue), Blackie Lawless (WASP), Izzy Stradlin (Guns N’ Roses) and Fred Coury (Cinderella). The band released 2 albums in the 80s (1985’s NON-STOP ROCK and 1986’s DON’T CRY WOLF), as well as an album under the D’Priest moniker called PLAYA DEL ROCK (1990). London – THE METAL YEARS was released in October featuring lost tracks and finished demos from the band’s history, as well as the new lineup of London’s cover of Motley Crue’s “Shout At The Devil”.

BILLY MORRIS has had almost 2 decades of success as everyone’s favorite guitarist for hire. Billy made waves as the guitarist for Warrant throughout the 90s, playing on and producing the band’s UNDER THE INFLUENCE release. He additionally was tapped to tour with legendary guitarist Paul Gilbert, and most recently was hired as a touring guitarist with Quiet Riot. Currently, Billy Morris is working on brand new material that stretches the boundaries of classic metal which he’s most known for.

For this special 13th Anniversary showcase, THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW has set up a special website with information and musical samples of the bands playing this anniversary show.

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