Los Angeles Complete Tracks For New Album


August 8, 2008

Fabrizio Grossi and his gang have completed laying down all tracks for the forthcoming LOS ANGELES album. This time the line up will include, apart from Grossi on bass and the fabulous Italian singer Michele Luppi, Joey Sykes, Robert Priori and Tommy Denander on guitars, Eric Ragno ..boards and Nashville based drummer Tony Morra.

“The musical direction we set out for this new record” explains Grossi, “was to go straight back to the radio Hard Rock sound of LA’s golden era, with influences from Mr. Mister, Toto and Richard Marx. A lot of analog sounds and no electronics, especially in the keyboards dept, where we mainly used piano and Hammond organs. We have also tried to go for some deeper lyrics this time and we took a lot of influence from Toto’s “Falling in Betwe en”, who dealt with a lot of social and contemporary issues”.

Grossi and Luppi have also worked very heavily on the songwriting. Titles will include Neverland, Paradise, Passing By, Inside, Higher Love. Brothers Tom and James Martin (Khymera, House of Lords) contributed with two tracks Wait For You and Tonight Tonight. The album will also include the Richard Marx cover “Nothing To Hide”. The album will be completed in September with a release pencilled for early 2009.

Courtesy of www.frontiers.it