Loud’N’Nasty making a comeback and poised to release new single soon

Loud’N’Nasty making a comeback and poised to release new single soon

Loud’N’Nasty may perhaps be the original Swedish sleaze rockers having formed way back in 1997. Lead vocalist / bassist Rob Nasty and guitarist Chris Loud have joined forces once again in Loud’N’Nasty who will be releasing a new single soon.

The following message was posted on Loud’N’Nasty‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“#loudnnasty2019 #loudnnasty #swedishsleaze #newsingleoutsoon”

Rob Nasty was interviewed by Sleaze Roxx back in September 2015 and asked whether it was groups such as Loud’N’Nasty and Hardcore Superstar that paved the way for bands such as Crashdïet. Nasty replied: “Well… If it was us or if it was just that we were just doing our thing just before the other bands came with the same idea, I cannot say. But when David [Shepard] sent me an e-mail and told me he liked Loud‘N’Nasty a lot, he sent some photos from his first photo session of Crashdïet and I was like, “Man! That’s awesome cus I did not know of any other bands back then.” I asked if he could send me some songs and he told me he didn’t have any recordings yet. That was kind of funny and I loved that answer. Hardcore Superstar was at that time not seen as a sleaze band at all I think?”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Loud’N’Nasty‘s 2004 release Teaser Teaser: “Ratt hasn’t sounded this good since 1986’s Dancing Undercover! But wait — this ISN’T Ratt, it is just a Swedish band named Loud’N’Nasty that delivers a convincing version of Ratt’n’Roll. Catchy choruses, venomous guitars, bad attitudes and lyrics that border on obscene equal one thing — a cool sleaze release.”

Loud’N’Nasty‘s “Annie” video:

Loud ‘N’ Nasty – Annie

Sleaze Glam….album: Teaser Teaseryear: 2004Chris Loud – Guitars, VocalsRob Nasty – Lead Vocals, BassT-Bone – Drums