Loudguns working on new album ‘Revolution Days’ in early 2016

Loudguns to release new album ‘Revolution Days’ in 2016

Finnish rockers, Loudguns, will be recording their new album entitled Revolution Days via Rock It Up Records/City Of Lights Records in early 2016, which will follow up their studio albums Broken Highway (2011) and Sunset Runaway (2013).

Rock It Up Records‘ press release for January 2016 states (with slight edits): “Sunset Runaway offers first class melodic hard rock & AOR for fans of bands like Zinatra, Danger Danger, Brother Firetribe, XYZ, Firehouse and early Europe.

Loudgund poster

Loudguns currently consist of Sami Pilve on guitar, Henri Saarinen on guitar, Markus Sirén on bass, Toni Lehmusoksa on drums and Akseli Kaasalainen on keyboards. The band recently parted ways in October 2015 with their lead vocalist of the last five years, Lassi Vääränen, who provided the following message on Loudguns‘ Facebook site back on October 18, 2015:

Loudguns photo 2“A message from Lassi!

These past 5 years I’ve had a great journey with Loudguns. I’ve learned so much from music and a LOT from life with Sami, Akseli, Markus, Toni and Henri. This decision has been one of the hardest decisions for me ever cause playing with Loudguns was really awesome! I mean great live shows, studio sessions and two albums! The band gave me a lot. However there’s so much going on in my life at the moment and will be in the future as well, that I have decided to leave the band. When I can’t give 100% for something I just don’t wanna hang around and slow things down. I wanna emphasize that this decision was my personal decision.

Not being the singer in the band of course doesn’t mean that my friendship with these guys will end. We will stay friends forever and keep our precious memories from the road with us as long as we live. Thank you all who’s been a part of this great journey! Love and Rock ’n’ Roll. Cheers… –Lassi

LOUDGUNS – “Loud ‘n’ Proud” Official Music Video Clip

LOUDGUNS – “Loud ‘n’ Proud” from their coming album “Sunset Runaway”, out via City Of Lights Records in 2015