Love Candy Taking Ontario, Canada By Storm

Love Candy Taking Ontario, Canada By Storm

June 28, 2010

Rock is alive and well…and it lives in Thunder Bay Ontario of all places.

Cody V’s new five piece LOVE CANDY ( is taking the city by storm playing 2-3 times a week at various local venues. The very first live show was at Kilroys sports bar as the opening act for the Maidenesque Prairie Rockers STRIKER ( Live footage from the show can be seen below.

The band’s front man says they will take the high-flying act (see clip below) on the road after a taking a short break to prepare some new material and perfect the stage show.

The band is just now getting their first tour van and putting it to the test with a one off trip to Saul Ste Marie on July 31st to play a show at Coaches Corner with Toronto Rockers ULTRAVIOLENCE ( LOVECANDY is also playing the night before (July 30th ) with UV at Kilroys once again. The band seems to be quickly adopting the dank dingy pit as their home town hang out…who can blame them…it seethes with the very rock ambiance that LOVE CANDY so naturally emits.

The band plans on a full tour as soon as the logistics can be sorted out. “whos gunna cut my grass and shit?” exclaims the tall V in leather pants and a Winger T as he raises an eyebrow from behind his aviators (or so I imagine when I speak to him on the phone) “this is the kind of stuff we have to work out first…then we will be in every town from here to the bloody ocean. Tearing it up and burning it down!”

Love Candy is a band to keep your eye on this year. They have the potential and the drive to explode and make a mark. So check them out on the road or on . They will soon be offering up some new merch and possibly a new CD in the near future comprised of reworked versions of old demos and some new material.

In the mean time check out these videos that show LC performing in peak fashion. And it is their first show!

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