Love Candy Working On A New Album For 2012

Love Candy Working On A New Album For 2012

September 17, 2011

Thunder Bay Ontario’s pride and joy Love Candy have been hard at workin the studio working on a new album for 2012.

The band has decided to release a 4 song EP as a preview of what is to come.The EP, tentatively named ‘Tramp Stamp’, will feature a mini rock epicof the same name that clocks in at a little over 6 minutes, a sweet slowburner called “Lay With Me” that starts out sweet and builds to apowerful climax in the vein of some of the catchier Led Zeppelin tunes, anAerosmith like anthem with a self-explanatory name of “Wild Ride andone hell of a rambunctious rocker titled “Rocket Fuel”.

The band hasreleased three teaser videos at that gives a lil taste of the tracks. As theclips state, Rock is most certainly back… it has returned from the brinkof extinction… it has risen from the ashes like a leather cladphoenix… it may have the unlikely name of Love Candy, but its everyinch as sweet as it is hard. Though the EP and album may not hitshelves until early 2012 the band is defiantly ready to rock you rightnow.

So have a listen and make up your own mind… but if you arehoping to hear some of lead singer Cody Vaillant’s vocal insanity youwill have to wait a little longer as he only today is scheduled to hitthe studio to record his vocals. Fornow you will just have to be satisfied with the sonic seduction thatis the pure dual guitar assault of Dustin (Dirty Harri) Harrington andMorgan Hamelin… to be honest it is like sex in your ear holes.

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