Löve Razër release video teaser for ‘Call of The Wild’ + mini-interview with bassist Metal Mike

Löve Razër release video teaser for ‘Call of The Wild’ + mini-interview with bassist Metal Mike

Canadian sleaze rockers Löve Razër consisting of lead vocalist Sydney Snow, guitarist Micky Bonez, bassist Metal Mike and drummer Crissy Stixx have released a new video teaser which culminates with the words “Call of The Wild” with a spring 2020 release.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze RoxxLöve Razër bassist Metal Mike was asked whether the video teaser is with respect to a new single titled “Call of The Wild” or a new album with a release date of spring 2020. Metal Mike replied: “BIG plans for the spring, but until it’s confirmed we can’t tell you exactly what. “Call of The Wild” is a song title. Maybe it’s an album title too. You’ll just have to wait and see. Our oath to Sleaze Roxx is you will definitely get the inside scoop when all systems are go. We haven’t been playing any shows to allow ourselves time and space to write new material, and we’ve never been more excited about what’s coming out of the speakers.”

Back in February 2016, Löve Razër released a humorous video titled JD Outtakes to celebrate winning the Canada wide Jack Daniels Supporting Act Contest. In regard to why it’s been so long since Löve Razër incorporated comedy in one of their videos, Metal Mike advised: “Good point, it actually wasn’t intentional but from the footage I captured, I was laughing… How could I not share some laughs with everyone else? It’s true when it comes to our sound and music, we take it seriously but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good time when we get together.”

In terms of the direction of the band’s new material, Metal Mike indicated: “For these new songs we turned the gain to 11. It’s a complete throwdown compared to anything else. It’s heavier, tighter, just straight up more in your face. Get ready to headbang.”

Löve Razër‘s debut full-length studio album Border City Rebels finished at #14 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2018) while their debut three-song EP Rock’N’Roll Addiction landed the #5 spot on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016.

Löve Razër‘s “Call of The Wild” video teaser:

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