Love Stallion release video for track “Valentine”

Love Stallion release video for track “Valentine”

Denver, Colorado, USA’s self-proclaimed “sexiest glam” rockers Love Stallion have released a video for their song “Valentine” from their studio album Unforgettable Ride.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Unforgettable Ride:

“As some may be familiar the lead of track “Slow Release” — a video Sleaze Roxx posted up way back in March of this year — is a real nicely put together rock n’ roll number with enough innuendo to put a blush on the mugs of any hardened glam aficionado.  The band is as tight as a sized small mini-skirt on a Kardashian on all fronts and the album reflects their concerted efforts with equally proficient song writing and musicianship. Aaron Hart‘s soulful and period perfect pipes are reminiscent of an amalgamation of Steve Whiteman from the epic KixStryper‘s Michael Sweet blended with the Gin Blossoms’ Robin Wilson (that’s right the Gin Blossoms, give them a listen, a REAL HARD listen and you will greatly appreciate their wares and the correlation), Sam Hagar and then a heaping three handfuls of the sleaze glam styling’s of Luis Rivera of Pennsylvania’s own Teeze and of course Roughhouse. These comparisons upon further reflection not only paint the picture for Aaron’s vocals but also are a nice surmise of the band itself.”

Love Stallion‘s “Valentine” video:

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