Lovebite Unleash “Lock ‘N’ Load” Video

Lovebite Unleash “Lock ‘N’ Load” Video

November 10, 2014

Lovebite have released a video for the song “Lock ‘N’ Load”, from their 2012 album of the same name.

“We knew the overall vibe we wanted from the get-go: dynamic, edgy and high octane, with just the right amount of sleaze balanced with undertones of the other genres we all take inspiration from,” singer Jonny Sparks tells Sleaze Roxx regarding the video’s direction. “Choosing the right videographer was key — it was produced by Paul Ward who was exceptional. Having worked with him before on photoshoots he already knew the ‘personality’ of Lovebite and we’re really happy with the results.”

The UK band’s debut album ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’ was released in July of 2012, with Sleaze Roxx stating, “If the music industry wakes up and gives a band like Lovebite a shot, rock fans will eat this up. If you love dirty, gritty, catchy hard rock delivered by talented musicians and songwriters then you’re ready for Lovebite.”

Regading the long wait between album and video, Sparks explains: “Lock ‘N’ Load was originally self-released in 2012 — despite the relatively low exposure of this, it caught the attention of a label who signed us and wanted to make an official release themselves. A year later not much had happened so we felt it was better for us to move on — we walked away from the contract and in the interim period of seeking new representation we decided to make the video. Releasing it at this point was aimed to maintain the buzz and exposure of Lovebite as we write and record our second album.”

“We’ve already written some new tracks and will start recording early next year,” concludes the singer. “The second album will have a slightly more southern/bluesy tone to it than our debut album. We’re all really pumped up about how the new music is sounding and can’t wait to roll it out internationally.”

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