Loveblast release video for “Take Me To The Highway”

Loveblast release video for “Take Me To The Highway”

Chicago, Illinois, USA based rockers Loveblast have released a video for their new song “Take Me To The Highway.”

Loveblast‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page states (with slight edits): “In a time when Disney rules the Billboard Hot 100 and electric guitars seem to be nowhere in sight, the future of rock n’ roll music certainly seems bleak. In the ashes of what seems to be a lost art form, countless bands and fans across the world struggle to revive some semblance of the music they love. However, as the musical climate continues to change, it seems as though fans are hungry for that same excitement that only timeless rock n’ roll can provide. Loveblast from Chicago, Illinois is ready to deliver just that. . .

When it comes to songs, Loveblast does it all! From the arena-ready bombast of “Harder & Faster,” and “Things That Bite,” to the 1940’s flavored musings of “Goodbye My Darling,” it all sounds like Loveblast, and it all kicks ass! No matter what approach the band takes, Loveblast songs boast huge choruses and AOR Hooks galore. In addition to their high caliber songwriting, Loveblast’s music showcases the blistering and passionate guitar work by what is likely to be the next great guitar duo, Brian Durbin and Brian Gilmanov. The songs are locked down by a powerhouse rhythm section that features the raunchy, grooving bass lines of Johnny Rox, and the hard hitting drum talent of Jeff Dewbray. Durbin’s heart for rock n’ roll music and vocal delivery provides a unique touch, updating the band’s sound and separating them from just another 80’s rock revivalist band. Whether it is communicated through live performance, or the band’s exceptional debut album, all of these elements are delivered with the grit and conviction of any legendary rock n’ roll band.

Most of all, Loveblast is all about fun, and high-octane performance is what Loveblast does best! After witnessing her first Loveblast concert in January of 2010, Gina Planell, writer/photographer for Chicago’s Rock, reported, “They are wickedly sensational, a ticking time bomb, a love drug, and an explosion all in one. I understood the name ‘Loveblast’ immediately.” Above everything else, Loveblast’s goal is to ensure that everyone in the crowd leaves with a smile on their face, and that is why the band has no issue with living up to the phrase, “The Hottest Band in Chicagoland,” night after night.

Loveblast are breaking down walls internationally as well as locally, infecting audiences everywhere with their unique brand of rock n’ roll. The band is currently supporting their debut album, recorded by Chuck Macak of Electrowerks Music Production, and it is receiving excellent reviews all over the world. The ballad “Goodbye My Darling,” was listed as one of the songs of the year for 2010 in the annual Rock Realms Awards.

With their infectious songwriting and stunning on-stage performance, the sky is the limit for the future of Loveblast!”

Loveblast‘s “Take Me To The Highway” video:

Loveblast – “Take Me to the Highway”

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