Lynch Mob Close To Completing New Album

Lynch Mob Close To Completing New Album

March 11, 2015

George Lynch has revealed that Lynch Mob is close to finishing a brand new studio album. The record will be the follow-up to the band’s 2014 release ‘Sun Red Sun’ and will include longtime singer Oni Logan and drummer Brian Tichy, who appeared on the recent Sweet & Lynch album.

“We’re finishing up a new Lynch Mob record,” Lynch told Totally Driven Radio. “Its going to be on Frontiers Records, the same label that Sweet & Lynch is on. That’s virtually finished, Oni’s just finishing up… I think he’s got about four songs left to finish up vocally. So that’s being delivered on April 1st.”

The guitarist has endless projects on his plate, and admits not being able to play the music live is a problem. “That is frustrating and is a problem… a huge problem actually. My go to touring band is Lynch Mob, thats’s the band that I can take out and Oni and I are going out this year. Not to say that some of these other projects might not tour — Sweet & Lynch might tour, a big ‘if’ there, but we’re working on it. KXM couldn’t tour because Ray [Luzier, drums], being in Korn, prohibited us from making any plans — its not like we could go ‘hey Korn, you guys can’t tour in October beacuse we’re going out’ (laughs). Its very frustrating for all of us because we love playing together… and would like to do it again but I don’t feel we should do it, or would be fair to do it, without touring on it. So we probably won’t do another [KXM] record until we know we can at least do some touring on it.”

As for a reunion with Don Dokken, that doesn’t interest Lynch. “We researched that and tried going down that road, putting it [Dokken] back together many, many times — I can’t even count how many times we tried to do that. Every single time it just ended in kind of a disaster… so its just not meant to be I guess.”

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