Lynch Mob ‘REvolution’ Audio/Video Collection Coming In June

Lynch Mob ‘REvolution’ Audio/Video Collection Coming In June

May 17, 2012

Lynch Mob 'REvolution' Audio/Video Collection Coming In JuneOn June 19, Deadline Music/Cleopatra Records will release a special 3-disc audio/video deluxe collection of Lynch Mob’s ‘REvolution’.

The set features the full-length studio album ‘REvolution’ with killer, supercharged renditions of classic Dokken/Lynch Mob tracks such as “Tooth And Nail,” “Breaking The Chains,” “Wicked Sensation,” and more. It also includes professionally filmed live performances recorded during the 2005 REvolution Tour, mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

George “Mr. Scary” Lynch cemented his legendary role in the heavy music community in the early 1980s when he joined forces with Don Dokken. For almost a decade with Dokken, Lynch was able to develop a groundbreaking brand of guitar virtuoso that would also earn a Grammy nomination. In the early 1990s, Lynch launched his own project, Lynch Mob, which released several well-received records in between Lynch’s eclectic other solo works.

But in 2003, the Mob reassembled to rework Dokken and Lynch Mob material. The result was a decidedly darker, heavier, and very experimental reinvention that fans of all iterations of George Lynch appreciated. They took it on the road for a series of fierce concerts that left audiences jaw-dropped at the band’s creative live presentation.

Along with the legendary George Lynch on guitar, this iteration of Lynch Mob features the return of Robert Mason on vocals after nearly a decade absence, original bassist Anthony Esposito, and Michael Frowein on drums.

You ca listen to “Kiss Of Death” from ‘REvolution’ at

DISC 1: REvolution
01. Tooth And Nail
02. Tangled In The Web
03. All I Want
04. Kiss Of Death
05. She’s Evil But She’s Mine
06. Relax
07. Cold Is The Heart
08. Breaking The Chains
09. When Darkness Calls
10. River Of Love
11. Wicked Sensation
12. Paris Is Burning
13. The Secret

DISC 2: REvolution Live! CD
01. Intro
02. Paris Is Burning
03. Dance Of The Dogs
04. Tangled In The Web
05. All I Want
06. Kiss Of Death
07. She’s Evil But She’s Mine
08. Cold Is The Heart
09. When Darkness Calls
10. River Of Love
11. Rain
12. Hell Child
13. Breaking The Chains
14. Wicked Sensation
15. Tooth And Nail

DISC 3: REvolution Live! DVD
01. Paris Is Burning
02. Dance Of The Dogs
03. Tangled In The Web
04. All I Want
05. Kiss Of Death
06. She’s Evil But She’s Mine
07. Cold Is The Heart
08. When Darkness Calls
09. River Of Love
10. Hell Child
11. Breaking The Chains
12. Wicked Sensation
13. Tooth And Nail
14. Rain

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