Lynch Mob Shopping New Tunes To Record Labels


October 20, 2008

Lynch Mob vocalist Oni Logan, who reunited with George Lynch earlier this year, has issued the following statement:

Hi to all friends around the world, Just wanted to check in with everybody since we’ve been a bit busy over the last few months……

All is well here in the land of milk and honey……Finally after 4 months of being away from the family I am back In Switzerland for a much needed vist with my daughter and wife,

Just a little note to all LYNCH MOB fans……It was a pleasure to have shared the stage with George again after many years…… from Rocklahoma through until JAXX…. the last show of the string of dates that were booked for the band after the abrupt cancelation of the CINDERELLA tour…….I hope Tom is making a good recovery regarding his voice….. we also hope that we’ll be able to catch up with Tom and the band for a tour in the near future.

Whats happening in the LYNCH MOB camp? We were in the studio last month cutting new tracks for the new LYNCH MOB recording……the idea was to cut only three tracks though in the end we ended up with seven very solid songs to choose from the list to present to a record label.

At the moment the idea is to present and generate interest from a record label to release the new LYNCH MOB album.

I would like to thank everyone for there support and interest, All is going as planned…..this line up of the band that includes Marco Mendoza on bass and Scott Coogan on drums for a rythem section is very strong indeed.

Dates?? AUSTRALIA… here we come……we’ll be posting the Australian dates here in the next few days…..

LYNCH MOB is looking forward to going down under.

Cheers for now and take good care.
Oni Logan

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