Lynch Mob ‘Unplugged’ Album Available For Pre-Order

Lynch Mob ‘Unplugged’ Album Available For Pre-Order

March 5, 2013

Lynch Mob 'Unplugged' Album Available For Pre-Order On March 26th Lynch Mob will release an EP entitled ‘Unplugged’, featuring rare acoustic versions of “Wicked Sensation”, “River Of Love”, “Where Do You Sleep At Night”, “All I Want” and a bonus 15 minute interview track. Pre-orders of the ‘Limited Print Collectors Edition’ EP are now being taken at the Rat Pak Records website at

Lynch Mob ‘Unplugged’ was recorded at historic Sugar Hill Studios in downtown Houston, Texas during the filming of “Slow Drag”, the video from the band’s highly successful Rat Pak Records release ‘Sound Mountain Sessions’. ‘Unplugged’ was produced by renown Houston engineer Dan Workman, and the entire performance was also filmed by producer Ross W. Wells (Zen Film) for an upcoming episode of Live From Sugar Hill Studios due out in early 2013 and is sponsored by Vitamin Water.

Lynch Mob ‘Unplugged’ features George Lynch (guitars), Oni Logan (vocals), Robbie Crane (bass), Brian Tichy (guitars) and Tyson Sheth (percussion).

On August 7th, 2012 Lynch Mob released ‘Sound Mountain Sessions’ through Rat Pak Records, a powerful EP that introduced you to the next chapter/best chapter yet, of these legendary rockers. Featured tracks on ‘Sound Mountain Sessions’ included “Slow Drag”, “World Of Chance”, “City Of Freedom”, and “Sucka”.

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