Lynch, Pilson & Brown wanted album w/ Don Dokken before Robert Mason involved in The End Machine

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Lynch, Pilson & Brown wanted album w/ Don Dokken before Robert Mason involved in The End Machine

Lynch Mob, KXM, Ultraphonics and occasional Dokken guitarist George Lynch was recently interviewed by Andrew Catania for All That Shreds to promote the release of The End Machine‘s debut self-titled album which features Lynch, Warrant frontman Robert Mason, and Lynch‘s classic Dokken line-up bandmates Jeff Pilson (bass) and “Wild” Mick Brown (drums). The End Machine‘s debut album was released via Frontiers Music Srl on March 22, 2019.

In regard to whether there is talk of a new Dokken material with the classic line-up, Lynch indicated:

“Not really at the moment. There was at one point, with The End Machine, it could have been a Dokken record, but obviously, Don didn’t feel comfortable getting on board.  We were before Robert got involved, discussing it. I knew it was going to be a good record, I felt it, the songs were strong and would have lent themselves to his style of singing. It would have been the record we would have done if we had thought of doing one. It was going to be great. So, yes it was being talked about at one time, to the point, there was money on the table, but we just walked it back and did what we did, which we are very proud of.  I’m happy we did it the way we did it. But, never says never.”

In terms of whether there was any tension on stage between Lynch and Don Dokken during the Dokken classic line-up’s reunion that resulted in the CD/DVD Return To The East Live (2016), Lynch advised (with slight edits):

“Well, it wasn’t band related. It was more situational- related in the sense that we really didn’t give ourselves enough time to gel. There was a lot of expectation and we just kind of threw ourselves out there without really prepping as much as we should have.   So it was that stress. And then, the event in South Dakota, which was our first show which shouldn’t have been the first show, we should have done some warm-ups or something, after all of those years. A lot of things got changed around on us, our rehearsal situation, the gig itself, and all of these things got kind of moved around and kind of screwed us up. We knew we had to do a video, it was our first show and it was sold out. So it was like, bam. We didn’t have time to collaborate. It was that added stress. It wasn’t anybody in the band. We all wanted to do it. We were fine with each other.

We weren’t 100 percent at our best yet. People are going to compare that to Dokken in ’88 or something when we were at our peaking and touring for 6-7 years solid and working at it without any breaks. And all of a sudden, after a 35-year break, do a few rehearsals and people will start to say it’s not what we heard then.  So we arranged things just a little different  It is what it is.”

You can read the rest of the interview with George Lynch at All That Shreds‘ website.

The End Machine‘s “Leap of Faith” video:

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