Lÿnx unveil debut self-titled EP

Lÿnx unveil debut self-titled EP

Canadian glam rockers Lÿnx consisting of lead vocalist Lazer Wild, guitarist Blade, bassist Fangs and drummer Flash have released their debut self-titled EP.

Track List for Lÿnx EP:
01. Shout Out Loud
02. It’s Time To Party
03. Rock N’ Roll Tonight
04. Hold Me Tonight
05. That’s All I Want
06. Someone You Loved

In regard to the story behind the name Lÿnx, the group’s website indicates:

“Initially, the name was decided to be “LazerBlade” which was inspired by the first name of the vocalist & guitar player as they are also the founding members of the band. Something was missing and wasn’t going too well with the theme of the band. Well, after some time of struggling to come up with a name, it may sound crazy but one night while Blade was looking out the window around 2 am (yup, that’s right!) he saw a huge Canadian lynx cat roaming around in his neighbourhood. Can you guess by now? Yup, a light bulb moment! Soon he decided – Lynx it is! Next day, Lazer decided to put the cherry on the cake and changed Lynx to Lÿnx.”

Lÿnx‘s “Rock N’ Roll Tonight” single: