Mad Margritt’s “Loaded Gun” Wins Video Of The Year

Mad Margritt’s “Loaded Gun” Wins Video Of The Year

February 23, 2010

Mad Margritt’s video for the song LOADED GUN was named ROCKNATION USA VIDEO PICK OF THE YEAR FOR 2009!! The video was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and has been getting airplay all over the country on several video music shows including Rocknation TV. The list of winners were announced in the latest issue Rocknaton Magazine. The issue also features interviews with Creed, Queensryche, Winger, Keel, Helix and several others.

You can check out Rocknation Magazine by clicking the following link –

Mad Margritt has begun work on their first project with Ratt/Warrant producer Beau Hill. Drummer Chad Wedlake flew out to Los Angeles, California last week to record his drum tracks. Engineering the session was former Rod Stewart drummer Tony Brock.

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