Madam X release video for “Bride Of Frankestein”

Madam X release video for “Bride Of Frankestein”

Madam X  featuring Bret Kaiser on vocals, Maxine Petrucci on guitar, Roxy Petrucci on drums and Chris ‘Godzilla’ Doliber on bass have released a video for their song “Bride Of Frankestein” from their studio album Monstrocity.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Monstrocity including the track “Bride Of Frankestein”:

“Written by Roxy and Maxine

“This song is an ode to how cruel love can be. Everything was to be turned into the record label but we stalled because we knew we had one more song in us. We were in the Halloween spirit and revisited one of Maxine’s Sabbath like riffs and ‘Bride’ was born. The song basically wrote itself and Maxine did a helluva job singing it.”Roxy

Whoa… a sexy little riff over sultry sounding song… Listening to the song, I couldn’t really put my finger on who was singing this one when my friend, Knox, bet it was Maxine. I looked through the credits and lo and behold, it is guitar star Maxine Petrucci on vocals! That was a shocker for me. I’ve seen Maxine just destroy a guitar and I’ve even seen her play bass on tour one year with Vixen but I don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing. She really sounds great and this has some amazing sounding guitar on it! This is a perfect way to end the album.”

Madam X‘s “Bride Of Frankestein” video:

Madam X – Bride Of Frankenstein

Madam X – Bride Of Frankenstein / filmed, edited and produced by Tammy