Madhouse have tons of new songs with lyrics that have evolved from “juvenile” to “flat out childish”

Madhouse have tons of new songs with lyrics that have evolved from “juvenile” to “flat out childish”

Towards the end of September 2019, Austrian sleaze rockers Madhouse released one of the best albums of 2019 — Money Talks Bullshit Walks — which finished at #3 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2019 and #14 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2019. Madhouse were looking forward to taking their show on the road but unfortunately, those plans came to a screeching halt when Austria, like much of the world, was locked down in mid-March due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

Madhouse‘s guitarist Freddie Heart has provided an update on what is going on with the band. In terms of how things unfolded for him and the band since the start of “Coronazeit”, Heart indicated: “Basically, everything stopped from one day to the next. We were so ready for a big year and then everything tanked. No concerts, no practicing together, just a big, fat, goose egg. It was a blow to everyone and we had to learn to cope with it.”

In regard to the impact on his creativity and motivation level, Heart revealed: “Personally, I was in a bad funk for several weeks and there was not a lot of communication between the band. Everyone got rattled. But [guitarist] Mikky [Stixx] was already working on new material. By the time lockdown finally eased up, we were back in the studio. In the beginning, recording was a little rough, but we were back on track quickly.”

With respect to Madhouse‘s follow up to Money Talks Bullshit Walks, Heart stated: “We’re working on it. But one thing we’ve learned from this whole mess is that plans and hard deadlines carry a whole lot of “ifs” at the moment. Logistics have taken on new meaning, but I can tell you we all want to get it out as soon as possible.”

So much energy comes from gigs. In terms of the impact of the Madhouse band members being separated from their audience, Heart indicated: “Yeah, that was a hard blow not to take our new album on the road and to our fans. Rock bands need the fans and live energy. It feeds everyone, bands and fans. Has it impacted us musically? I don’t know. Our fans are probably the ones who can answer that better as soon as the new album is out. Personally, I think I’ve bounced back, although there seem to be some flare ups of weirdness here and there. But how could there not be? We’re in the midst of a pandemic! The booze bills may have increased during lockdown, but mostly I think we’re good. At least, we try to believe that.”

On whether that has changed over the last few months, Heart replied: “What hasn’t changed? The whole fucking world changed, like in a bad movie. This situation is definitely a challenge, but maybe also an opportunity. And I think we’ve shifted from bummed, to damage control, to now trying to figure out and focus on the opportunities. One positive thing is, we have tons of new songs. Our lyrics have evolved from juvenile to flat out childish. Exactly what you need for a pandemic.”

Finally, Heart was asked to focus on the positive and whether there are any good surprises from this global shit show we all have found ourselves in, to which he stated: “Hmm, that is a tough one, but I think you may have touched on it. We’re all in it, and somehow that makes us feel even more connected with our fans. We have fans all over the world, and let’s face it, an Australian or North American tour was way off in the distance, even before Corona. Now there’s an element here due to our shared experience that is bringing us even closer together. Maybe not physically, but in knowing that all of us are going through it. On some level you have to get over the pity party, and find a way to get back to what’s important. For us and our fans, it’s the need to rock! And nothing is going to stop us from that—not even 2020.”

Madhouse‘s “Push Push Rip And Tear” video: