Mädhouse release lyric video for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ soundtrack cover “Time Warp”

Mädhouse release lyric video for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ soundtrack cover “Time Warp”

Austrian sleaze rockers Mädhouse consisting of lead vocalist Tommy Lovelace, guitarist Mikky Stixx and bassist Rickey Dee along with new members Thommy Black (guitar) and Casey J. Eiszenman (drums) have released a lyric video for their The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack cover “Time Warp.” The group just released their sophomore album Bad Habits via Rock of Angels Records on April 23, 2021.

The YouTube caption for Mädhouse‘s video indicates:

“Having recently released their second full-length album Bad Habits, Mädhouse don’t take a break! The band covers the classic song “Time Warp”, originally included in the “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” soundtrack and have some fun with it, the Mädhouse way!

Mädhouse comment – “We love the good mood this song spreads. It´s a party track! And it was predestined for us to make a heavier version of it! it’s astounding!””

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Mädhouse‘s album Bad Habits: “Austria’s Mädhouse dropped their sophomore album Bad Habits on April 23rd which is much of a continuation of their 2019 debut Money Talks Bullshit Walks. Although there is nothing new on Bad Habits via Mädhouse‘s hard rock style, I can hear a maturation in their songwriting with some increased catchy melodies. The album starts off in high gear with “Bang Bang” which is a bombastic uptempo track that sets the stage for what’s in store for listeners. Fans of some vintage gutter-rock era Skid Row, Spread Eagle, McQueen Street, etc will most eagerly lap up Bad Habits‘ blatant nod to this period.”

Mädhouse‘s “Time Warp” lyric video: