Madhouse release new album ‘Money Talks Bullshit Walks’

Madhouse release new album ‘Money Talks Bullshit Walks’

Austrian sleaze rockers Madhouse consisting of lead vocalist Tommy Lovelace, guitarists Mikky Stixx and Freddie Heart, bassist Rickey Dee and drummer Ken Shuri released a new album titled Money Talks Bullshit Walks last month.

Track List for Money Talks Bullshit Walks:
01. Boom Boob Shaker
02. Money Talks Bullshit Walks
03. Crazy Nights
04. First Time Lover
05. Push Push Rip And Tear
06. Knuckle Sandwich
07. Tears Like Rain
08. W.p.o.s.
09. Kiss My Ass (Till Paradise)
10. First In The Row
11. Sick Sex
12. Hard ‘N Heavy

Madhouse‘s “Story” on their Facebook page indicates:

“Ain’t no crazy like Madhouse! This ragtag band was founded by a freak of nature for no other reason than to spread the word of glam. They are the real deal, all band members have street cred and coolness factor 10! These lunatics will rock your mental state with an insane stage performance, guaranteed to turn any night into a crazy, crazy night. They will make your neurotransmitters fire on all cylinders and flood your brains with chemicals of happiness. Be warned: You may experience a sensory overload! Get ready to get rocked by the best shredding from the golden era of hair metal. Join Madhouse and live their motto: “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy!””

Madhouse‘s “Boom Boob Shaker” single:

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