Madhouse release video for track “Push Push Rip And Tear”

Madhouse release video for track “Push Push Rip And Tear”

Austrian sleaze rockers Madhouse currently consisting of guitarists Freddie Heart and Mikky Stixx, lead vocalist Tommy Lovelace, drummer Ken Shuri and bassist Rickey Dee have released a video for their song “Push Push Rip And Tear” from their debut album Money Talks Bullshit Walks.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Money Talks Bullshit Walks:

“There are some bands that when you hear just one song, you know that you have to get the entire album. There’s only been a couple of these bands this year and one of them is Madhouse. After hearing “Boom Boob Shaker”, I knew that Madhouse‘s debut album was a must buy. As it turns out, I was correct in my initial assessment as the whole album rocks from start to finish.

Madhouse may well be the epitome of what Sleaze Roxx is all about. Sleazy almost juvenile lyrics (just check out the song titles) reminiscent of Steel Panther, dirty guitar licks like Mötley Crüe were capable of more than 30 years ago, non-stop action throughout the songs, great melodies, lots of gang vocals, lyrics that are hard to decipher aside from the easy to sing along to choruses, all the band members with their best ’80s style wear, etc… Need I say more? While many bands try to capture the look and raunchiness of the ’80s, not many can back it up with some good ’80s style music. In the case of Madhouse, the band members — all six of them — back it up with some great music and songwriting. It’s like these guys studied the sleaziest bands from the ’80s and came up with their own authentic sound while retaining all of the great elements of the sleazy ’80s.”

Madhouse‘s “Push Push Rip And Tear” video:

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