Madman’s Lullaby to release new EP ‘Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2’ on April 21st

Madman’s Lullaby to release new EP ‘Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2’ on April 21st

Madman’s Lullaby consisting of frontman Chris Michaels, lead guitarist Mr. Brett, drummer Eric Arbizu and bassist Luis Barillas will be releasing their new EP titled Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2 via MR Records on April 21, 2022. The group’s prior EP Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1 finished at #5 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2021.

Track List for Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2 EP:
01. Thick And Thin
02. Inside Out
03. Falling
04. Tell Me I’m Right
05. Ask For Nothing

Michael Brandvold Marketing‘s press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

Madman’s Lullaby announces their brand new EP “Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2” on Australia’s MR Records. “Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2” will be released on April 21st. Sleaze Roxx called their last release “Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1” one of their most played releases of 2021. The entire bands says, “We feel you’re about to experience some of the best tracks we’ve ever released. We know it’s taken a while so we hope it’s worth the wait!”

You can purchase and stream Madman’s Lullaby at Catapult Distribution.

Madman’s Lullaby‘s EJ talks about his battle with COVID which presented a new set of hurdles in getting the new EP release, “As some of you know I was hospitalized with the Delta Variant. At one point I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, let alone ever be able to play music again. It was honestly two of the hardest months I’ve ever experienced. Today I’m beyond thankful for my health and my family that got me through it, and of course to finally be back on my drums. It’s gifted me with a bigger

Press photo courtesy of Michael Brandvold Marketing

appreciation for everything like making music for all of you. I hope these songs will bring some good vibes in the midst of this crazy world we live in.”

“This EP contains five cracking tracks that is sure to extend their fan base world wide. The band have received excellent reviews for Part 1 and we know this release will see an increase of interest and demand in 2022. Once again, the overall package is complimented by some incredible cover artwork by world renown graphic designer, ‘Nello Dell’Omo’. — Peter NaylorMR Records.

Madman’s Lullaby‘s Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1 is easily my most played CD. – Sleaze Roxx

The passion Madman’s Lullaby exudes within their sonic art is insanely addictive and well worth seeking out. – Highwire Daze

If you like bands like Judas Priest and Queensryche and you like your metal melodic yet heavy at the same time, check these out. They will not disappoint. – Rock Media UK

Stay tuned for the premiere of Madman’s Lullaby‘s new video on Sleaze Roxx on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 9:00 am ET.