Major Crush and ex-Nasty Habit founders and brothers form The Ende Brothers Band

Major Crush and ex-Nasty Habit founders and brothers form The Ende Brothers Band

Singer Tom Ende and guitarist Kenny Ende have formed another band together. After the now disbanded Nasty Habit and the more modern rock Major Crush, the brothers are forging ahead with a new group titled The Ende Brothers Band.

The brothers were recently interviewed by Eric Rapini for Fingers Lakes Times and spoke about their new band together.

Tom Ende stated (with slight edit): “Yeah, actually we are currently working on The Ende Brothers Band. As of late, it’s been The Ende Brothers Acoustic Duo. I’m going to be playing bass. Of course Ken is playing guitar. And the drummer from Major Crush, Brandon Young, is going to be joining us. We have our first show at FLX Live on Wednesday, May 30, opening for The Chris Duarte Group. They are doing a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. It feels like a perfect fit for our first show. We are a three-piece, like Hendrix had. I think it’s going to go over real well and we’re working on a lot of original stuff for it right now.”

In terms of being able to make family, business and music work together, Kenny Ende opined: “One thing that Tommy and I have always done is to not dwell on little things like disagreements. If there is a disagreement about anything, we move on in like five minutes. We’ll bicker real quickly but from there on, we love each other no matter what. I think Tom kind of allows me to take the reins musically and I allow him to do all the business stuff. It’s kind of an unsung agreement that we both just have things covered.”

Tom Ende added: “There is a mutual respect for each other and a mutual faith in each other’s ability to handle our respective jobs. We’ve always been really good at communicating and not to mention, we think the world of each other. If Ken is going to do something, say something or play something, I can put my stamp of approval on that without even questioning it. We flow well together.”

You can read the rest of the interview with the Ende brothers at Fingers Lakes Times.

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