Mammoth Mammoth Premiere “Looking Down The Barrel” Video

Mammoth Mammoth Premiere “Looking Down The Barrel” Video

February 26, 2015

The upcoming Mammoth Mammoth album, ‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ is set to be released on March 30th in the UK (April 7th in North America) through Napalm Records.

‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ mixes dirty hard rock with a healthy dose of stoner vibes and can be pre-ordered at Partnering with The Obelisk, Mammoth Mammoth have released the first official music video from the album, for the track “Looking Down The Barrel”.

Mammoth Mammoth are a heavy rock band from Melbourne, Australia, that smash the shit out of their stoner, glam, doom, punk and psychedelic rock influences. They’ve tagged their sound as ‘Good-time-murder-fuzz’, and it’s consequent effect as, ‘the sound that sometimes kills unicorns’ and ‘more awesome than God’s tits!’

The band’s first EP was released prior to any live shows and proved popular in Europe and Australia, with several tracks licensed to commercials and the feature film The Loved Ones. Their first video clip was immediately banned because it used 1970s European pornography and was pulled from YouTube, Myspace and Facebook — but not before it had over a million views, and probably as many complaints.

On the release of their third album, ‘Volume III – Hell’s Likely’, Mammoth Mammoth were signed by European label Napalm Records who further released it worldwide to excellent reviews in November 2012.

‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ track listing:
01. Life’s A Bitch
02. Lookin’ Down The Barrel
03. Electric Sunshine
04. Fuel Injected
05. Black Dog
06. Promised Land
07. Reign Supreme
08. Sick (Of Being Sick)
09. Hammered Again
10. High as a Kite
11. Alcohol (bonus track)

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