Mandy Lion Takes New Direction On Upcoming Single


November 30, 2008

WWIII vocalist Mandy Lion posted the following bulletin at

Hi guys…
I just wanted to let you all know that my new single “The Ride” will be out within a week or so… The new stuff is a major step away from my last full length CD “When God Turned Away”.

I always wanted to do a pure hard rock CD and now I am happy to say I did just that. What prompted me to take that step now was because I am a little bored with all the down tuned guitars and similar sounds most metal bands seem to gravitate to.

All of the great bands I like do not have to tune down to sound heavy… They are heavy because of their great song writing ability, talent and delivery.

I have always made sure that my albums were honest. I would never record anything on a CD that I could not reproduce live 100 percent.

But as I am sure many of you noticed most artists and bands these days are way over produced. Since there is no way to reproduce 50 guitar tracks, 80 vocal tracks and all the effects that go along with that sort of thing most bands will resort to using backing tracks… Many will even stoop as low as lip-syncing in order to sound more like their product… This is a truly sad state of affairs.

Since production has become more of a factor in music than song writing these days I decided to stick to my old guns and go completely the other way. No effects, 2 guitars, drums and vocals recorded without any edits or polish…The new stuff is balls to the wall, honest to God Rock N Roll with no effects and zero production.

This is the most fun I ever had recording and I hope you guys will love the new direction…
Thank you all for keeping in touch…
Your friend…
Mandy Lion

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