Manowar Goes For Guinness Record With Five-Hour Concert


July 7, 2008

Maria Vassileva of the Sofia Echo reports that the concert of the legendary kings of metal, Manowar, on the opening night of Kaliakra Rock Festival 2008 in the Bulgarian “rock capital” of Kavarna on July 5 lasted for five hours and one minute. The performance was the metal band’s attempt to break the world record for the longest heavy metal concert, which they themselves set in 2007 at last year’s edition of the festival.

Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams, Karl Logan and Scott Columbus pleased a crowd of 20 000 people with a playlist of more than 40 songs, a selection reflecting the band’s history and all its studio albums.

?his year, the self-annointed “kings of metal” had promised Bulgarian fans to beat last year’s performance of three hours on stage, and had specially invited representatives of Guinness book of records to witness the unprecedented event.

Hundreds of fans of the legendary band have been waiting for their arrival at Kaliakra Stadium ever since 10am to pour inside in a frantic hurry to the stage after the gates were opened.

As was the case last year, the audience was warmed up by Holyhell, the power metal band produced by Joey DeMaio, performing tracks from their upcoming debut album and cover versions of classic hits by Aerosmith and Dio.

At 9.49pm, Manowar came out. The band began with classic hits from their earliest albums such as Heavy Metal Daze, Fast Taker, Death Tone, Dark Avenger, Carry On, Kings of Metal and many others.

“Bulgaria, we devote this concert to you,” the informal leader and main songwriter of the legendary band, Joey DeMaio, said during the pauses between back-to-back hits. “Where it is written in Guinness’ book of records about the longest heavy metal concert, it will be written that this was the concert of Manowar in Bulgaria,” he said. The bassist added that Bulgaria was the place where people knew how to enjoy true heavy metal music.

At the peak of the concert, a classical string orchestra and a choir of the Sofia Philharmonics joined the musicians in performing some of their greatest hits, among which Warriors of the World, Hail and Kill, and Defender. In front of the Bulgarian audience, Manowar presented for the first time their new single, Die with Horror.

With the concert approaching its end, Kavarna mayor Tsonko Tsonev, known as “the metal mayor”, congratulated the group and thanked them for performing in his town. Manowar promised to return to Kavarna whenever they were invited.

As a sign of gratitude towards Bulgarian fans, the legendary band once again performed the Bulgarian anthem, continuing afterwards with a classical symphonic ballad, The Crown and the Ring, under the sparks of fireworks.

When the last sounds of the song subsided, after four and a half hours of non-stop performance, Manowar announced that a new record had been set. Fans began to leave as lights illuminated Kaliakra stadium. However, the kings of metal returned for another thirty minutes to the surprise and delight of their admirers.

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