Marenna Plans EP Release In Early 2015

Marenna Plans EP Release In Early 2015

December 30, 2014

Marenna intends to release an EP of new songs in early 2015 and have made two songs available for free download at — “You Need To Believe” and “Like An Angel”.

Marenna is a solo project that was launched in October 2014 by Brazilian composer and singer Rodrigo Marenna, co-founder and frontman of Lacross Rock. In this new challenge Marenna intends to explore the experiences he has acquired in the music circuit, giving the audience his own compositions and his quirky style — mixing influences from the atmosphere melodic hard rock and AOR from the ’90s with contemporary tones and arrangements.

To Marenna, the best part of the project is the involvement of regional musicians such as guitarist/bassist Jonas Godoy, guitarist Sasha Zavistanovicz and drummer Guilherme Mello. Talent that has been performing in bands that Marenna had the privilege of knowing during his artistic journey. With this support, the singer believes he will help contribute to the discovery of new talents while building a solid relationship and synergy with the market through their music.

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