Marilyn Manson And Twiggy Ramirez Reunite For 2008 Tour


January 12, 2008

Goth-rocker Marilyn Manson and his one-time guitarist partner Twiggy Ramirez have reunited after seven years of bitterness and bad feelings.

The estranged former bandmates had a chance meeting in Los Angeles at the end of last year, and Manson reveals the Led Zeppelin reunion show in London last month prompted him to ask Ramirez to join him on tour.

The rock star tells Rolling Stone magazine, “The turning point for me was when I went to see Led Zeppelin’s reunion show, and I saw Jimmy Page and Robert Plant look at each other for a moment, and they probably said, `Holy s**t, we wrote ‘Stairway To Heaven.’ I wanted that look again.

“I want to look at Twiggy and go, `Holy s**t, we wrote ‘The Beautiful People.’ I called him and I said, `Let’s go do this.’ We started music together because we wanted to bring about the apocalypse, and we realized we didn’t finish. The world could suffer much more if we were together again, and we really wanted to bring back the suffering.”

Manson and Ramirez split over “creative differences” in 2000.

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