Mario Vayne unveils video for his debut single “Baby”

Mario Vayne unveils video for his debut single “Baby”

Australian rocker Mario Vayne has dropped a video for his debut single “Baby.”

AR Promotion‘s public release indicates:

“Introducing Mario Vayne, an extraordinary singer-songwriter hailing from Queensland, Australia. His debut single, Baby, serves as the perfect introduction to his unique brand of contemporary, accessible pop-rock. Showcasing his undeniable vocal prowess, Baby marks the re-emergence of a previously hidden Australian mega talent.

This singer, guitarist, and songwriter embarked on his musical odyssey at the tender age of seven, nurtured by a household resonating with the rhythms of his musically inclined Italian parents. The echo of ‘70s vinyl records reverberating through his home shaped his early musical influences, with the likes of Cheap Trick, The Sweet, Little River Band, The Babys, and Foreigner becoming his soundtracks.

Fuelled by an unquenchable passion for his guitar, Mario had crafted his first song by the age of eleven. Despite his innate talent as a singer and songwriter, his shy nature kept his music hidden from the world. Mario’s early career saw him lighting up the club and pub circuit, impressing audiences with his exceptional vocal range as the frontman of various bands in Australia and the UK.

Caught in the shift of musical tastes during the mid-’90s grunge era, Mario decided to take a sabbatical from music. However, the autumn of 2018 heralded a new chapter in his musical journey. Spurred by a renewed passion for songwriting and recording, he began crafting music that echoed his distinctive style. The result is his captivating debut single, Baby.”

Mario Vayne‘s “Baby” video: