Mark Kendall open to Great White doing anniversary tour with old friends Tesla

Mark Kendall open to Great White doing anniversary tour with old friends Tesla

Don de Leaumont of The Great Southern Brainfart recently interviewed Great White guitarist Mark Kendall with the latter group having just released its latest studio album Full Circle.

Kendall was asked about the co-headlining tour that Great White did with Tesla for …Twice Shy and whether Great White would be interested in doing an anniversary tour with Tesla. Kendall replied: “Don, that’s a great idea. Tesla are really good friends of ours and we actually have some history together. When we were on tour with Judas Priest, on nights off we were playing clubs. When we were in Northern California we were playing with this band called City Kidd. They were playing Dokken covers and stuff like that. I just thought their singer was so good and that the band was good and I thought that they should be playing their own music. I thought they were such a great band and then a couple of years later they come out with this great record and I find out that Tesla used to be City Kidd. I couldn’t believe it and before you know it, we’re co-headlining a tour with them. Talk about upping your game. They went from being a cover band to being this really great band of their own. I was thrilled about that just right out of the gate because we had that history with them. I would be totally open to do a tour like that again.”

In terms of looking back on his 30 plus years in the music business and whether there is anything that he’d like to undo, Kendall stated: “[laughs] There’s just some pictures that you look at and you just cringe over and say, “Oh man, why did I do that?” [laughs] Man, it was all really just a learning process. I wouldn’t really change anything because we really did learn a lot and we can share it with up and coming bands on what to do and what not to do. If there was anything I would change I probably would’ve toned it down a little on the partying [laughs]. I used to drink beer like a crazy man and I quit drinking 9 years ago. I see these younger bands partying like they’ve just gone #1 and they haven’t even been signed yet [laughs]. They should be focusing on the songs and getting really good instead of acting like they’ve been on top of the charts for 10 weeks [laughs].”

You can read the rest of the interview with Kendall at The Great Southern Brainfart.

Great White‘s “Big Time” video:


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