Mark Kendall working on new material for Great White album with new singer Mitch Malloy

Mark Kendall working on new material for Great White album with new singer Mitch Malloy

Great White founder and lead guitarist Mark Kendall was recently interviewed by Full In Bloom and spoke about working on new material for the next Great White album with new singer Mitch Malloy.

In terms of how it is going with Malloy, Kendall advised: “It’s going great. We’re starting to write songs now. The great thing about it was, since he lives in Florida now, he moved from Nashville to Florida, so it’s not just like I can go ‘hey, come on over, let’s work on songs,’ I went in the studio, just a friend of mine’s little studio down the street, I wrote a couple of songs;  I sent him (Mitch) a song.  Normally when I work with singers, I’m in the room with them and I might give them some melody ideas, or just let them know what I’m hearing.  But I just sent him music and he came back with a full song, and me and Michael (Lardie) were blown away.  We couldn’t believe it.  I’m going ‘man, this is great to break the ice like this because it will be less work for me’ and unless I hear something that I don’t agree with, I’ll pretty much go with it.  Normally I have ideas about melodies in my head, but I wanted to give him a chance and give him music and see what he comes with.  So, that’s working out real good.  We’re just kind of putting riffs together.  We’re going to rehearse tonight and go over a few things.  We’re kind of taking our time just trying to come up with the best stuff we can.  But we definitely want to get something this year with Mitch on it.”

With respect to whether it’s too early to start thinking about putting together an album with Malloy, Kendall opined: “No, not at all.  That’s what we’re kind of doing now;  we’re just writing songs.  Michael and I have been coming up with a lot of things.  Just kind of sending ideas back and forth, and today, we’re going to get in a room together because that’s when the best stuff happens….when we’re all playing together.  In an actual recording, we’ve never sent each other our parts before.  That’s really kind of a first, that I’ve sent Mitch music.  Normally, we get together.  When we do it for real, we always get together, but we come up with ideas on our own.  Like the last record (Full Circle, 2017), we only got together for ten days before we went to Michael Wagener’s (studio) in Nashville.  We all had a lot of ideas.  For the first four days, we were in this kitchen area just like showing each other ideas.  We didn’t really get a lot done….just kind of picked the stuff we wanted to work on and then went at it hardcore for six days.  But we went up there with no lyrics finished;  we just had ideas for choruses and stuff.  It was pretty funny, Michael Wagener was definitely not used to that (laughs).”

You can read other excerpts from the interview with Mark Kendall at Full In Bloom‘s website and listen to the interview below:

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