Mark Knight states Bang Tango reunion will not happen for 30th year anniversary of ‘Psycho Cafe’

Mark Knight states Bang Tango reunion will not happen for 30th year anniversary of ‘Psycho Cafe’

Former Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knight felt compelled to clarify his Facebook comments from December 31, 2018 about what to do for the 30th year anniversary of the release of Bang Tango‘s debut full-length album Psycho Cafe.

Knight‘s original Facebook post on December 31, 2018 stated:

“Dropping in on 2019! Thirty years ago we as in Bang Tango dropped this record. We’re all still alive and kicking? Hum what do you think we should do about it???”

The following message was posted in part on Knight‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Hey I just wanted to make myself clear on my Bang Tango Psycho Cafe post. It’s a significant piece of work we did as a band, and a proud moment in my life as a artist. It’s been 30 years since we released it. Unfortunately a reunion, which seems to be what people want isn’t going to happen! Believe me we all get along no one hates each other, but there are other obstacles in the way which I don’t care to mention! You all are great and I’m truly thankful for your support of my past work with Bang Tango and my solo work. I promise to keep making music for those that continue to listen. It may not sound like Bang Tango. I’ve evolved with time and my taste have changed as well as my music. Open your ears, mind and soul and I’ll try not to let you down.

Cheers MK…”

Back in mid-August 2018, Knight posted on his Facebook account about his unsuccessful attempt in getting some kind of reunion of the original Bang Tango line-up consisting of singer Joe Leste, guitarists Kyle Stevens and Mark Knight, bassist Kyle Kyle and drummer Tigg Ketler. Leste continues to be the only original member left in Bang Tango.