Mark Knight & The Unsung Heroes to release album ‘Days of A Dreamer’ on February 16th

Mark Knight & The Unsung Heroes to release album ‘Days of A Dreamer’ on February 16th

Bang Tango guitarist Mark Knight continues to release “solo” albums at a fairly regular pace as his latest solo record, under the band name Mark Knight & The Unsung Heroes, will be released on February 16, 2021. Knight‘s last three solo albums — Road Sick Eyes (2013), Mark Knight (2016) and Don’t Kill The Cat (2018) — are available for free streaming via his Bandcamp page.

Knife Wound Management‘s press release indicates:

“Singer, songwriter and guitarist Mark Knight and his band, The Unsung Heroes, announce the release of their new album, Days of A Dreamer, from Knifewound Records on February 16th.

In celebration of the announcement, “Wise Choice,” the second track on the album, will be available for a first listen with the cover artwork on all major social media platforms today.

Produced by Knight and Edward Shemansky and recorded primarily at Knight’s Los Angeles home, Days of A Dreamer features 13 new songs written by Knight.

Days of A Dreamer is Knight’s ninth studio album and the third released with his band, The Unsung Heroes — Eddie Montes (bass), Edward Shemansky (drums) and Kyle Stevens (guitars.) The new album also includes background vocals by special guests George Adrian (Jay), Angie Bruyere (Angie & The Deserters), Keith England (The Allman Brothers) and Scarlet Rae (Rose Dorn). Additional bass played by Reeve Downes (Rhino Bucket), Kyle Kyle (Bang Tango) and Wayne Lothian (The English Beat) who also co-produced “A Thousand Times.” Adam Hamilton (L.A. Guns) provided additional percussion and recording facilities.

Of the release, Knight shares, “There is a lot of reflection on this album. Sometimes, I’m reflecting back on the struggles of people I know, but I’m also reflecting on myself, my shortcomings and strengths, the choices I’ve made and how they’ve affected not only where I am in my life, but the lives of those close to me. Woven throughout are songs of hope and love. Overall, it’s a reflection on my past, my perception of the present and hope for the future.”

Following a critically acclaimed early career in ‘90s funk metal band Bang Tango, Knight has long since grown comfortable in his skin as a songwriter, enabling us to reflect on our own years passed and futures to be had while sinking back into a sense of acceptance and unity of experiences.

Knight currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with the great loves of his life: his wife and two daughters, his ’69 Guild, 3 cats and a turtle. Knight is an avid surfer, a talented furniture designer and a passionate fan of music himself.”

Mark Knight & The Unsung Heroes‘ “Wise Choice” single: